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Khaki + Chambray

Khaki Duster – Nordstrom Rack // Jean Patchwork Skirt – New York and Company // Chambray Shirt – JC Penney // White T-Shirt – Old // Sandals – Nine West Hey there!

It’s Smonday for some, but I’m in celebration mode because I’m headed to Texas on Tuesday to see my grandbabies! I’m over the moon!

Stay tuned, because I’ll be finding a way to post pictures of those beautiful brown babies soon! Oh, and please wish my eldest granddaughter Kennedy a happy birthday in advance! She’ll be 2 years old on the 25th!

I’ve been wanting a vintage 60’s looking, patchwork jean skirt for as long as I can remember and had not been successful in my search. I think the last time I had something like this was when I was? In grade school? One of my favorite retailers just so happened to come thru with one I’m really feelin’ right now.

My long khaki duster was purchased from Nordstrom Rack and chambray button up from JC Penney. I also wore a cotton white tee under the jean shirt. This ensemble is great to wear on a fall day as we transition from summer into cooler weather as you can “peel” off layers.

Be blessed people and until next time,

Love and light.



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