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Lace and Bell Sleeves. #Winning


Dress – Forever 21 // Jeans – Forever 21 // Choker & Hoop Earrings – Forever 21 // Shoes – BCBG Generation // Sunnies – Old

Hello Stylistas!

We are just days away from Christmas!  I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season and looking forward to Christmas and New Year’s Eve/Day.  I can’t wait until Thursday of next week, when my holiday break begins!  I’ll have a whole 10 days away! Yippee!

You all know I love a roomy, comfortable and cute outfit!  I think it’s important if you wear something roomy it should also display that you have some form, too!  For example, an A-line dress with a cinched waist, or blouse/dress that can be belted to accentuate your waist.


I found this bohemian style dress at Forever 21, during one of my quick neighborhood mall walk-throughs. (Not sure if that exists, but it was quick for me!) This number is giving me all kinds of life, with lace and bell sleeves!

This buy was a double win for me with two of my favorites, comfy and bohemian!  I paired the dress with some old bell bottoms (also from Forever 21), that were tucked away in my armoire.  Yay, for closet shopping ladies!


Just a note:  Don’t be swayed from buying from Forever 21!  And it’s totally okay to have some pieces in your closet that aren’t timeless.  The idea is to mix your classic and trendy items to spice up your wardrobe, every now and then!

Until my next post, love and light!



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