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Melanin Movement Los Angeles: Giving Back to the Community in Style!

Hello Lovelies!  The Melanin Movement Los Angeles (MMLA) had their first event, the Find Your Purpose, Meet and Greet! And, just in case you don’t know who or what I am talking about, let me begin with the backstory. But first let me say, we are the Melanin Movement Los Angeles: Giving Back to the Community in Style!

Just a little over a year ago, I called upon two fellow bloggers, Pentene Milner and Trish Lindo whom I had recently met face to face at Los Angeles Fashion Week.  After meeting virtually, both women had the kind of spirits that shined through the internet and we remained connected.

My call was to launch a “community over competition” for women bloggers, stylists and entrepreneurs.  They in turn, connected with Marshel Ng, Karissa Allen and the Melanin Movement Los Angeles was born.  Chanel Cunningham joined us in February of this year.

Shortly after beginning my blogging journey in 2016, I had this burning desire to join forces with a group of women of color (WOC) to smash the stereotypes of females not being able to work together cohesively.

In the “blogoshere”, as some people call it, I found a pettiness and a real lack of support from other women trying to reach the same goals. My philosophies were, “there is room for all of us to win” and “your success is my success”.  But when I reached out to others to hear“crickets”or non-responses, it was so disheartening.  In addition, being a WOC over the age of 50 in Los Angeles in this field, I really felt alone and I wanted to build a connection with others who “got me”. Age didn’t matter, only common interests.

Our year long journey has been filled with sharing resources, photo shoots, lunches, brunches, conference calls, daily texts and collaborations.  Along the way, we determined what our real mission is, as a group.  We are women of service first, who also influence, empower, uplift and support women, while giving back to the community in style!

The Queens of the Melanin Movement @ Philthy Ragz. Pictured here, Chanel Cunningham, Trish Lindo, Pentene Milner, Me, Karissa Allen, Marshel Ng. (l to r)

Queens see queens.  Chanel and I.

On June 24, 2018, we held our first event at the Philthy Ragz Boutique in Los Angeles.  We partnered with local community based organizations to bring their messages to our attendees.  Those present had the opportunity to sign-up to volunteer with the non-profit organization of their choice.  Guests mingled, networked and had a chance to discover the true essence of the Melanin Movement Los Angeles.

Kandee Lewis, Executive Director of the Positive Results Corporation

Kelly Carroll, Sr. Manager for Community Development, American Cancer Society and Liz Shamooni, Influencer, Liz in Los Angeles

Guests mingle. Left lower bottom, Kyra Nicole, owner of Kyra’s Shea Medleys, networks with Power and Dignity staff.

Jennifer with Noir Unicorn & Power and Dignity Now staff.

Guests posing with their swag bags. Thank you sponsors!

Pentene and Karissa, queenin’

The ladies wearing shirts from “One Messy Bun”, one of our giveaway sponsors.

The gathering was truly a demonstration of teamwork, and a success.

Many thanks to:


We were also blessed to partner with some amazing sponsors, who helped us give our guests swag bags and raffle prizes!


Winc Use MMLA at checkout for $22 off your first month’s subscription

Stay tuned as the MMLA continues to reach higher to inspire others, by impacting lives through giving back!  And this is only the beginning!

Until next time, love and light y’all!



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