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Stylish Peepers

When I was 12, I remember my 15 year old sister Donna got eyeglasses. I wanted to be like my big sis, so I told my mother I was having trouble seeing. I even remember faking during the eye exam at the doctor’s office. Well, that big ole’ lie has had me in the need of specs, aka Peepers ever since.

I also remember the day my optometrist told me that around the age of 40, I would need bifocals. At the time, I was years away and wasn’t really concerned with his proclamation. But sure enough, around my fortieth year, my eyesight changed! I wasn’t feeling glasses, so I resorted to contacts. But I found, that to read small text while wearing my contacts, I STILL needed glasses. Readers, to be exact!

The American Optometric Association states that “Beginning in the early to mid-40s, many adults may start to have problems seeing clearly at close distances, especially when reading and working on the computer. This is among the most common problems adults develop between ages 41 to 60. This normal change in the eye’s focusing ability, called presbyopia, will continue to progress over time.

Initially, you may need to hold reading materials farther away to see them clearly. Or you may need to remove your glasses to see better up close. Print in the newspaper or on a restaurant menu may appear blurred, especially under dim lighting.”

Oh, the joys of aging!

So when I partnered with Peepers, I was elated to see a wonderful selection of eyeglasses that met my taste. And y’all know me…a girl has got to be stylish!

Did I tell you that one of the pairs I chose were one of Oprah Winfrey’s favorite things! You know, “one for you, one for you, and one for you!”


This is one of Oprah’s favorite things!

MUSE in Tortoise

STANDING OVATION in Clear (now only sold in black & tortoise shell)

Peepers is helping the hip, ageless crowd look fab in their readers!  Check em’ out!

Until next time!  Love and light, y’all!



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