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Stylish Sistahs You Should Follow on Instagram. Fourth Edition.


I’m back with the fourth installation of my “Stylish Sistahs” brand!  As time progresses, know that this feature will expand and reach out to other genres!

And with that said, I’m happy to introduce four fabulous ladies who deserve your click on the “follow” button, if you’re an Instagrammer.

This month, we have two fabulous ladies representing amazing, ageless style from the United Kingdom, a beautiful southern belle from Alabama and a striking diva from our nation’s capitol.  These beauties exude class, elegance and edge!


Sylvia of @sylvadoll

Charla of @jordan_chic

Deborah @ deborahdebonair43

Helen of @ moorestyleamorebeauty

Who are your favorite stylish women on the “gram”?  Let me know your comments below!

Until next time, love and light!



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