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The Big Chop After 50. The Redux.

Hey Lovelies! I recently decided to do The Big Chop, after a failed attempt to get a tapered cut to my liking. And while this act may seem extreme to some, others who have known me for some time know this is just a repeat. I’ve dubbed it, The Big Chop After 50. The Redux.

Redux is defined by as “brought back”; resurgent. Make no mistake folks, my early love affair of next to no hair, and my later avoidance of it all had a purpose and meaning.  But I’ll get to that a little later.

Here’s the back story:

When my children were toddlers, I decided to do The Big Chop because, 1) I was a broke as a joke and didn’t have the funds to be in the hair salon every two weeks; 2) It would shorten time fussing with my hair in the morning because heck, I wouldn’t have any! At 28 years old, sans wrinkles and crepey skin, I really didn’t give it a second thought.  There was joy in my new found freedom as a busy young mother and wife.  I could spend more time focusing on my children, 9-5 and home.  Of course I remained stylish, but I just didn’t have to think about my hair.

Me and my teeny weeny afro (twa), back in the day.

My big ole’ fro in 2018

10 years later, that all changed when my new husband was curious as to what I would look like with a head full of hair.  And so, the hair growing journey began. I’ll admit, it was kind of fun growing and having hair again. I dabbled in various natural hairstyles: two strand twists, faux locs, top knots, braids.  Then there were long wigs, short wigs, curly wigs, and more wigs.  After finally growing out my hair to a huge Angela Davis sized afro, boredom set in.  To top it off, I felt the newness of recent weight loss and was feeling the need to reinvent myself.  And just like that, it was off with my curly, kinky locks.

What I came to realize is that over the past 10 years of growing out my mane, wearing wigs and extensions, I’d really enjoyed folks telling me, “you look younger.”  Those words to me; provided a kind of soothing.  But the facts are, no matter how many people tell me I look younger, I’m still aging. I also realized that I was hiding behind the hair, with the thoughts that the longer strands would mask all the new found lines on my face and this new wrinkly “neck” that I just can’t get used to.

After a couple of weeks wearing The Redux I’ve finally readjusted and I find it hilarious, because I’m still getting the “you look younger”, phrase.  Sometimes, I think people have nothing else to say.  And it’s okay though because the truth is, I’m getting better.

In my path of evolution (because I’m still evolving), there is always a lesson to be learned and the following is fact.  True beauty comes from within.

So, if you happen to see me somewhere rocking my fierce short hair, say hi and know that it’s not new to me.  It’s The Big Chop After 50. The Redux.

I love y’all!

Brenda Stripe Wrap Maxi Dress – New York and Company / Shoes – B.P. Nordstroms / Crisscross Tote Bag & Wooden Earrings – Forever 21 / Caicos Sunnies – ShopShaleaDionne 

Images by – Trishlindophotography


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