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The Real Me. Uncut.

Lovelies!  When I tell you I’m reinvigorated and ready for 2019, it’s a understatement!  Are you all ready?  For those of you who are new to Stylish Paradox, I thought I’d reintroduce myself. The real me. Uncut.

My full name is Julie Dionne Harbour and I am 54 years young.  Please know that I am a real deal Cali girl, born and raised in Los Angeles, California.  Specifically, South Los Angeles.  Some of you may be aware of South Los Angeles (or South Central Los Angeles).  I take pride in being a product of my community (I’m just saying).  I was born the youngest of six children to a minister of the Church of God in Christ and an educator of the Los Angeles School District.

There were things I loved about being the youngest of a big family, and things I hated.  What I loved is that I was spoiled (yes, a brat) and a Daddy’s girl. What I hated is feeling overshadowed because I was the youngest, feeling like my opinion really didn’t matter.  I was and still am to an extent an extroverted introvert.  I tend to stay quiet around those I don’t know to observe their behaviors and to guard myself.  Around those who are in my circle, I am can be fun loving, loud and freely myself.  Becoming a small business owner has pushed me to suppress my normal behavior in crowded spaces, which I appreciate!  This has been wonderful for my personal growth.  I tend to be an overthinker, which is sometimes stifling. I’m still working on getting out of this rut.  I’m anal in some areas, but for the most part I’m very easy going.

I’ve always been drawn to fashion; for as long as I can remember.  As a young girl, I loved playing with paper dolls; dressing them up and making clothes for my baby dolls.  After the age of 8, I became a chubby kid.  But at the age of 14, with the onset of puberty and the love of boys I suddenly shed the weight as I headed into high school.  I vividly remember going on a shopping spree with my mother during the summer before high school and getting all these beautiful clothes.  As I entered high school, I probably didn’t look like most of the other high schoolers, as I wore high heels and dresses to class.  And….I loved it.  It was truly ME and to this day, I love being stylish.

I am sometimes asked, who I’m dressing for.  My answer is consistent and will remain, for ME.  The real me.

And while there is so much more to my story, I can’t give it all to you in one post.  For 2019, I’m going to share more intimate details of my life to inspire you, because you never know what small little tidbit can help someone else going through something in life.  And as I wrote in my recent post, “10 Things You Don’t Know About Me.  The Good, the Bad and the Real Ugly”, my journey hasn’t been all pretty.

With that said, stay tuned!  I love you guys!



Studded Sweater Dress – INC International Concepts / Sidney Ankle Strap Heeled Sandals – Steve Madden / Quilted Crossbody Bag – INC International Concepts / U Part Wig – Her Given Hair / Photography by Vincent Luu


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