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Off the shoulder blouse – H&M // Floral Skirt – New York & Company // Photography by Maya Lott

Well hello, Stylistas!

It’s mid-week and I hope everyone has had a great week so far!  I’m busy gearing up for an exciting weekend and am overjoyed with some recent developments related to Stylish Paradox!  In addition to a styling session with my wonderful new client Sunday, attending #BLOGspace with Mattie James of #mattieologie Saturday; I was approached by two brands within the last two days for affiliate business!  And this is just the beginning. #feelingblessed

I decided to name this post “Vibrancy” because everything about this post has me feeling vibrant.  Vibrant is defined as giving an impression of vigour and activity or (of colour) strong and vivid.  In brief: my week and my dress!

Everyone be blessed and until next time…love and light!



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