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Warm and Fuzzy Feels.

Lovelies!  Happy Friday!  How are you all feeling about the current outerwear trends?  I’d say, with global warming being a “thing” (don’t believe, that it’s not), us folks on the west coast could benefit from all the warm and fuzzy feels of faux fur!  Well, let me rephrase that.  The whole world could benefit.  And let me tell you about something I’m loving on this fall.

I’m currently crushing on the faux fur and teddy coats trending this season.  And although the teddy coats may go away, the faux fur pieces will definitely stay.

As a brand ambassador for Peach, I chose their furry, black Polar Hoodie from the Winter’s Tale Holiday 2018 Collection to wear this season.  Not only is warm, but it’s made beautifully with a hood to keep you extra cozy.  It is zippered, has large side pockets and black ribboned drawstrings for a custom hoodie fit.  To help you understand the complete diversity of this outfit; I’ve worn it to a black tie event with a evening gown and with a pair of joggers (from Peach, here) as athleisure wear on a casual Saturday!

So bundle up, y’all!  It’s gonna be an extra cold winter for all of us.  And you’ll need some cozy outerwear like this beauty!

Until next time, love and light!


Note: We’re almost at the year’s end.  So make sure to go check out my post from around this time last year: Stylish Paradox: 2017’s Best.


Polar hoodie – Peach / French Terry Jogger – Peach / Silver Platform Converse – Converse / Glitter Fanny Pack – Nasty Girl


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