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Yellow Polka Dot Dress

Hey beauties!  I bet when you envision polka dots, it is usually in the standard black and white.  Either black with white dots or vice versa.  Well, how about a Yellow Polka Dot Dress?  Yes, yellow with white polka dots.

My mother used to proclaim, “fashion styles always come back around”.  And while some of you might think this pattern is a new thing, the whimsical mix isn’t new to the fashion world.  What I’m loving is that in 2018, fashion aficionados are mixing their dots with stripes or adding bold pops of color to their outfit’s equation.

I’ve always been drawn to polka dots but this spring season, I’ve added the color yellow! So from now on, whenever you see me in yellow, just say Hello sunshine!

Until next time, love and light!

Today’s Quote:

“Yellow is the colour which is closest to light.  We associate the rays of the sun and the stars with it.  It is the radiance of the spirit.”



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