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Yep, I’m 53! BOLD.

It’s not every day you witness a woman in her fifties, BOLDLY wearing a t-shirt with her age emblazoned on it. Hey, I don’t think I look my age, so why announce it to the world with a pseudo bull horn? With society being so unaccepting of women of a certain age, you know the drill.  I’m talking about age discrimination, across the spectrum.

I’ll admit, aging definitely isn’t for sissies.  At 53, my hormones are totally out of whack, and I glance in the mirror and see things moving in directions I’d rather not see.  But there is a bright side folks.  With this golden era in my life, comes a strong sense of BOLDNESS.. Let me tell you, never in my life have I been happier, more fulfilled and in line with what I believe is my purpose.  In addition, I know what my boundaries in life are and I’m willing to stand behind them.

I’m proud of Chico’s for launching the “How Bold Are You” campaign to bring awareness to the fact that women of a certain age in this era are coming out of their shells and flaunting themselves as women of relevance, substance, experience, beauty, purpose and boldness.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve learned so much about me (I’m still evolving), and of course I’m not perfect.  But my goal is to make GOD proud.  So yeah, I’m 53 years BOLD and lovin’ it.

And in the words of Jill Scott,

I’m holding on to my freedom Can’t take it from me I was born into it It comes naturally I’m strumming my own freedom the god in me Representing HIS glory Hope HE’S proud of me!

I’m livin’ my life like it’s golden

Until next time beauties, peace and blessings!

Love y’all




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