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Your Style Is Walking Artwork

Hello beauties!  Did you know that one of the things I love most about dressing up, is that you become a canvas of sorts.  You know, like walking artwork.  That’s right, your style is walking artwork!

Have you ever noticed that artisans wear smocks or a jacket that looks like a duster, when making their masterpieces?

Dusters (or kimonos) are easily paired with jeans, a tee shirt or even a slip dress.  This look is often my go to for an impromptu date night.  It’s so easy to just throw on your sexiest pair of jeans when your not interested in showing the world what you’re really working with.  This combination will surely meet standard.

I paired this white duster with red and blue stripes with my favorite pair of Levi’s (for curvy girls).  I also wore a white tank top and decided to wear red accents (what else?) on my earls and feet!  My beautiful bag is from the Oliver Bilou collection.

I’ve made it uber easy for you to emulate this entire look by clicking here: SHOP MY STYLE.

Wishing you all beautiful days ahead!

Here is a quote to leave you with:

“Fashion is not necessarily about about labels.  It’s not about brands. 

It’s about something that comes from within you.” – R. Lauren

Until next time, love and light!


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